Friday, August 13, 2010

Woody Piece

This is a lil older of an animation I did after we finished the TS3 game. I had so much fun with this. One of my favorite audio clips of all time is on a League of Their Own where Tom hanks yells at one of his players and then she starts to cry. He then says "There's no crying in baseball!" anyway, here is a clip from that audio.

I did this piece with nothing but good poses in mind. I started this before the fat rabbit. I got some nice poses and really tried to get some good acting choices. There were tons of cooks in the kitchen on this one as I showed it to everyone at work. To say the least, Im not quite happy with the overall piece and how it flows. I feel like it dies in places and some of the transitions aren't working properly. But I loved doing it! I think I accomplished getting some nice poses and acting choices! I think out of all the pieces I have done I have gained the most from this one. The reason is because.....SOMETIMES YOU JUST NEED TO TRUDGE THROUGH A PIECE AND FINISH IT NO MATTER HOW LONG YOU HAVE BEEN WORKING ON IT! I did all of woody because he was so exciting and then I tried to do jessie and it was really hard to find the drive to finish her subtle animations. So, my advice to anyone who might be doing a 2 person dialog.....BLOCK THEM BOTH IN AND ANIMATE THEM AT THE SAME TIME. Dont know if that helps at all. Cheers! Quiet Waaaaaaaaart!


Claire Gordon said...

AAH Jesse's animation is SO fantastic, Nick! I love the subtle emotion to it. Two thumbs up, friend.

nickbeckstead said...

Thanks E-Claire! I think I learned the most on this piece!

nickbeckstead said...
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