Friday, September 11, 2009


So Kevin critiqued my first go and I decided to simplify it. Here is what it looks like. I didn't get to spend as much polish time as I would have liked. There are obvious hiccups. Oh well. It was a fun test anyway.

Friday, September 4, 2009

DG blocking for Kevin Chesnos

Ok, so I have had an amazing opportunity fall into my lap! I have been working on Ty Carters short film called "Dream Giver." Then Ty went and did an internship at Pixar where he met Kevin Chesnos! (character animator). Kevin has agreed to mentor us on this short film! Im stoked because I can get great critiques from a pixar animator, and hopefully we can get the film in front of a lot of people. On top of that I hope to get some nice demoreel pieces out of the film. Thanks Ty!!! you are the man!
So this is a simple test that Kevin is having us do to show some of our character by having him hop around and land. This is just my ideas in a rough blocking state. I have already received a critique from Kevin and I will take this a step further by making him act more like Golam. Cheers!