Sunday, February 22, 2009

Deliah Ghost Flying test

This is a test that I decided to do to create a model for our character Deliah, when she becomes a ghost on our new film at Brigham Young University. I got my inspiration from I think his stuff is amazing. I particularly wanted to try to mimic the bee commercials that he did and somehow apply that timing to our character when she is a ghost. This was a quick and rough idea but I think it is fun

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Termite on a bench

This is just a fun animation I decided to do in my spare time to learn more. I learned soooooo much on this test its nuts. Overall I am happy about it but I know it isn't the best I can do now hahaha its still fun to do these test

1hr Laugh Test

Well I saw a chuckle that Seth Hippen did on our Bolt Cinematics here at Avalanche and I decided to just do a laugh test myself. I am going to start doing test each day after work is over. THis is simple and not perfect. I will get it critiqued and then improve it

Dream Giver Rig Test

30 min. rig test for Dream Giver

Ty Carter asked me to animate on his short called the Dream Giver. It is gonna be so fun to animate this character. Essentially on this test I wanted to just have fun and test out Levi's rig. As you can see it is very fast but I just had to do something snappy for this character!!!!