Friday, August 13, 2010

Fat Wabbit

So here was my attempt to a fun walk for the Spline Doctors competition. This one was a challenge because I really wanted to portray how uncomfortable it must be to get into a movie theater seat when you have way too much food in your hands. HAHA I see it waaaaaaay too often. Someone will come in and have to crawl over my lurpy legs and worry about not spilling their bahama mamma hot dog on my lap. WOULDN'T IT JUST BE EASIER IF YOU DIDN'T BUY THE FOOD? anyway.... adding a chubby rabbit to the equation made it that much more fun!

I learned a lot about getting in and out of poses on this one. I created some nice poses in the beginning to portray my story and then it was really difficult to get into them. I think I have a better grasp on how I will do it next time. To say the least I had a great time with this. It felt good to actually get something into spline doctors contest!

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